Program overview:

The Pilates Institute of Westlake Village, a division of Chea's Pilates-Evolved™, is proud to announce its Pilates teacher training and certification program. This unique program combines the original teachings of the late Joseph Pilates with those of Master Trainer Chea -- progenitor of her own evolutionary body of work referred to as Pilates-Evolved™. Pilates-Evolved™ represents a synthesis of the 75-year old Pilates method with the numerous developments in modern fitness science. The outcome is a more, accessible, efficient and fitness-oriented approach to the discipline that still maintains deference to the extensive body of work developed by Mr. Pilates.

Chea has over 35 years of experience as a Pilates instructor, professional dancer/teacher, and fitness trainer. During the course of her Pilates training, she studied with several of Joseph Pilates leading protégés. She also holds certificates from Polestar, Aesthetic Body, UCLA Extension, and The American College of Sports Medicine. Additionally, she has trained with Stott and Physical Mind. The program includes training with Chea and her senior teachers.

Program Objectives:

Currently, the certification program covers mat and the most popular Pilates apparatus -- the Reformer. Program objectives include:

  • conducting client evaluations
  • workout design, exercise variations and modifications for specific body types
  • functional technique on the Reformer
  • modifications for individual ability
  • proper verbal "cueing" and communication techniques
  • how to "read" bodies to troubleshoot problems


Due to the intensive nature of the program, only a small number of qualified applicants will be admitted for each certification session. Qualification for the program will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the program director. Generally, qualified trainees will have at least two years of fitness training or dance instruction experience, and have taken a minimum of 20 hours of Reformer instruction. They must also be able to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of human anatomy.

Certification requirements:

To be eligible for certification, trainees must:

  • attend group training sessions (50 hours)
  • attend workshops (optional)
  • schedule and perform a minimum of 25 hours of observation, independent practical work and practice teaching
  • complete all readings and assignments
  • successfully complete a final review by the Director

Upon completion of the above requirements, candidates will earn a Certificate in Basic and Intermediate Pilates Mat and Reformer Training.

For registration information or program dates, give us a call or e-mail us.


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